Flavours of Ishikawa, Japan – Sydney

All Photos: Phil Osborn

Showcasing the heart of Japanese culture in Sydney on 22nd October 2018, Ishikawa Prefecture held a gala night celebrating the Flavours of Ishikawa. The large delegation from Ishikawa was eclectic, including 6 Geisha who performed beautiful dances to their traditional songs. Expert artisans in gold leaf and Kaga Yuzen silk dyeing displayed their skilful work live.

The evening was hosted by the Governor of Ishikawa Prefecture, Masanori Tanimoto. The audience was made up of key Australian travel partners, media, government and business partners. The goal of the evening was to showcase authentic Japan and encourage greater visitation to Ishikawa Prefecture.

For Australian skiers and snowboarders visiting the Nagano ski region, accessing Kanazawa via the new bullet train is easy. Before or after your ski trip, delving deeper into Japanese culture is a great way to enrich your ski trip.  Kanazawa is a ancient castle town, where you can learn more about samurai culture and check out the famous Kenroku-en gardens.