Research Group

Get Paid to discuss skiing and snowboarding in Japan!

We are recruiting to interview people to discuss skiing and snowboarding in Japan. We are interested in creating three interview group sessions of 5-6 people, that will each last 2 hours. Each person selected will be paid $115 AUD for their time and input. The interviews will be conducted in a Sydney CBD location on October 24 (1st group Time: 1pm – 3pm, 2nd group 4pm – 6pm) and October 25 (Time: 1pm – 3pm) , 2017.

You will be asked to select which group you fit into from the list below. If you fit into multiple groups you can select multiple options. We will select the groups and allocate a session to you. Once you are selected, we will inform you of the interview location and get you to provide your payment details.