Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

1. Exhibit Offer – Pandanus Promotions Pty Ltd trading as Snow Travel Expo
may at its sole discretion accept or reject the booking application. Snow
Travel Expo does not have to give any reason for its decision and shall not
be liable for any loss or damage suffered by any person because of this

2. Event Acceptance – If Snow Travel Expo accept the booking application,
it will forward to the Exhibitor an invoice outlining the space booked,
the amount of the fee, fee due date and the period of the license. The
forwarding of the invoice will constitute the granting of a license on the
terms of this Agreement.

3. Rejection – If Snow Travel Expo rejects an Application, it will send a notice
by post to the Exhibitor at the address on the booking form.

4. Deposit – A 20% non-refundable deposit is due within 14 days of booking.

5. Monies – Final payment must be made by the due date, or at a higher
cost will apply. Fees paid are non-refundable. No booth will be provided if
payment is not made by due date.

6. Event Cancellation – Should Snow Travel Expo for any reason cancel any
of their events, Exhibitors will be refunded all monies paid except nonrefundable deposit. However, an Exhibitor has no right to claim for any loss
or damage because of the cancellation.

6b. Stand Cancellation – A minimum 50% cancellation fee of the quoted value will apply on all booking applications and signed and accepted quotations.

7. Location – Should Snow Travel Expo change venues or venue size of an
event at anytime, Exhibitors cannot claim any losses due to this change.

8. Obligations – Exhibitors must use their space for the marketing and
distribution of their products and services. Snow Travel Expo holds the
right to prevent exhibitors from marketing products that may be offensive
to others. Exhibitors cannot allow any other parties to exhibit in or occupy
the space. It is the Exhibitors responsibility to man their booth at all times.

9. Equipment – No sound equipment or machinery can be used without the
prior approval from Snow Travel Expo. Use of equipment or machinery in
contravention of this clause may be removed by Snow Travel Expo without
notice to the Exhibitor and at the cost of the Exhibitor.

10. Maintenance – Exhibitors must within their cost, at all times, keep
their space and exhibits clean and in order. After the close of the event,
Exhibitors are required to remove all materials and brochures and leave the
space clean. The Exhibitor shall not damage any part of the leased area.
The use of paint, glue, use of non-removal adhesive tape and alterations of
the roof, floor, walls or ceilings is banned. All clean up costs will be at the
expense of the Exhibitor.

11. Access – The Exhibitor has the right to access and use the space at such
times and on such dates as decided by Snow Travel Expo.

12. Laws – The Exhibitor will act at all times to ensure the good health and
safety of the public. The Exhibitor will comply with all laws, rules and
directions any government authority and all lawful directors of the event

13. Competitions and Promotions – All trade promotions and competitions
will be controlled by Snow Travel Expo.

14. Alcohol – Exhibitors are not permitted to bring alcohol or illegal
substances into the leased area.

15. Rules and Regulations – Snow Travel Expo may make rules and give
directions as it thinks fir for the proper conduct of the exhibition specified
in this Agreement. The Exhibitor shall comply with any such rules and

16. Power – The fee includes a charge for the lighting of the building and
normal exhibits. The Exhibitor shall pay for all costs associated with the
installation, use and removal of any electricity. All electrical installations
must be done by the contractor appointed by Snow Travel Expo. Snow
Travel Expo shall not be liable for any loss or damage caused by any break
or interruption in the supply of electricity.

17. Default – If the Exhibitor does not pay the fees or does not meet all
the terms of the Agreement, then Snow Travel Expo can terminate the
Agreement. If Snow Travel Expo or Exhibitors terminate the Agreement,
Snow Travel Expo may do any of the following; a) retain the fees paid.
b) recover from the Exhibitor as a liquidated debt the amount of fees
otherwise payable under the Agreement; c) remove any property of the
Exhibitor and store at the Exhibitor’s cost; d) recover from the Exhibitor as
a liquidated debt any loss, damage or expense incurred by Snow Travel
Expo as a result of the default of the Exhibitor.

18. Indemnities – Snow Travel Expo, its employees and agents shall not be
liable for any death, injury, loss or damage, economic loss or indirect or
consequential damage caused by arising out of or with respect to the
granting of this license or use by the Exhibitor, its agents or employees,
invitees, licensees, servants and visitors of the space or any exhibit or
the use of services provided by Snow Travel Expo and its employees and
agents. The Exhibitor shall indemnify and keep indemnified Snow Travel
Expo in respect of any death, injury, loss or damage however incurring in
connection with the sum not less than ten million dollars for any anyone
claim and b) Property insurance policy to cover loss or damage to any
property of the Exhibitor or damage to adjoining or nearby space, exhibits
or structures. Snow Travel Expo shall not be liable for any death, injury or
loss or damage of persons participating in the Exhibitor demonstrations
and activities. Exhibitors are fully responsible for participant safety.

19. Water and Drainage – Water and drainage may be supplied to any stand
but the Exhibitor will be required to meet the costs of installation, use and

20. Fire – Materials used in exhibit construction or decoration must be readily
ignitable or be capable of omitting toxic fumes should ignition occur.

21. Loadings – No heavy vehicles shall be brought into the leased area
without the prior consent of Snow Travel Expo. Heavy articles or vehicles
are restricted to solid reinforced areas. If the Exhibitor causes any damage
to the floor they shall reinstate the floor. Snow Travel Expo at their
discretion and at the cost of the Exhibitor reinstate any damage.

22. Laws – This Agreement shall be subject to the laws of each State any
dispute arising out of this Agreement shall be head by Court of competent
jurisdiction in each State.

23. Definitions – Exhibitor means the person named in the booking form.
Agreement means these terms, the booking form and the invoice. Booking
form – means the application by the Exhibitor to use space from Snow
Travel Exp to exhibit at International Snow Travel Expo. The booking form
is constituted by a completed, signed booking form. Government Authority
means any government or any governmental or semi-governmental entity,
authority, agency, commission, corporation or body (including without
limitation, those constituted or formed under any statute). leased area
means the area leased by Snow Travel Expo from the relevant venues for
the purpose of conducting each event. Space means the part of the leased
area used under license by the Exhibitor from Snow Travel Expo.